Welcome to Zinatt Technologies, Inc. a company founded by someone who struggled working cases and saw a need for a better way to track case sensitive intelligence. Our founder had a vision for a product that would deliver a solution to investigators to solve a common problem tracking intelligence.

Detectives need solutions that enable them to keep on top of investigations. Qtis provides law enforcement agencies with the capability they need to organize and access key data and improve case solvability rates.

Zinatt Technologies Inc is a proud sponsor of Back The Blue recognizing the men and women that put their lives at risk for the well-being of their communities. Because of these men and women our communities are safer. We are thankful and are proud to say we stand behind those on the front line.

Consolidating Investigative Intelligence

Upload all your evidence to Qtis. Having all your evidence in one place allows you to find what you are looking for in seconds by performing a case wide search.

Sharing pertinent data with colleagues in a user friendly collaborative platform has never been so easy.

Improved Information Tracking

Many times, while conducting an investigation information is overlooked. The overwhelming amount of paperwork, scattered evidence and notes are some of the underlying issues many investigators face today in the fast paced world we live in.

Improved Data Analysis for Indictments

Qtis organizes your data to help its users analyze information in the most effective way possible. Users can create explicit connections between data points while Qtis will make the implicit connections automatically.

Through our IBM Partnership data within Qtis can be analyzed within the i2 Analyst Notebook and charts can be saved back into Qtis seamlessly.

While we have a basic visualization tool built into Qtis we acknowledge the power behind a product like the i2 Analyst Notebook and what it has to offer.


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